Don’t Go Down the Drain

The holidays are a great time to ask for the beautiful, expensive items that you wouldn’t normally splurge on for yourself. A sparkly necklace from Tiffany’s or a shiny pair of pearl earrings would look great in 2017, right? If you’re lucky enough to get something like this for Christmas, […]

Why Do We Sing In The Shower?

I’m sure you have wondered “Why do I sing in the shower?” or “Is there a reason why anytime I get in the shower, I feel I should be headlining Carnegie Hall?” At Re-Bath of Northwest Florida, we think these questions deserve to be answered. Your  bathroom should reflect your […]

6 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Most of us probably learned how to clean from our parents. So the phrases “make sure to hang up the hand towel,” “use newspaper instead of paper towels for a streak-free shine,” and “don’t neglect the baseboards” probably sound a bit familiar. Here at Re-Bath of Northwest Florida, we’re not […]

How to Make Salt Water Useful

Living on the coast, we have to deal with salt water and the problems it causes. Whether you’re dealing with structural damage and corrosion or you’re sick from the last time you took a plunge into the sea, salt water can be an annoyance on many different levels. At Re-Bath […]

3 Tips to Enhance Lighting

For a bathroom to truly be a great space, it needs to be well lit and well designed. Proper lighting can help bring a room to life, but for many homeowners, bathroom lighting can be the last thing on the list. At Re-Bath of Northwest Florida, we know just how […]